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1Am I eligible to join the VFW?Membership
2Are raffles legal in the State of Oklahoma?No Category
3Are there other perks with my VFW membership?Multiple
4At what age or time of life are you no longer eligible for schooling under the G.I. Bill?Multiple
5Can a U.S. flag be flown at half-staff at the local level when a member of the Post is deceased?Multiple
6Can I be buried in a National Cemetery?Multiple
7Can I receive dental care from the VA?Benefits
8Can I receive pension from the VA?Multiple
9Can I transfer a portion of my GI Bill benefit to my dependents?Benefits
10Can members of a Post honor guard wear their military decorations on VFW uniforms?Membership
11Can retired military wear their uniforms to VFW functions?Membership
12Can you explain the free insurance?Benefits
13Do I get extra money from Social Security because I served in the military?Multiple
14Does the VA pay any burial expenses (i.e. funeral home, casket)?Veteran Service
15How can I get my relative's military records?Veteran Service